gnuplot font problem

 If gnuplot gives an error:

Could not find/open font when opening font arial, trying default

Could not find/open font when opening font "arial", using internal non-scalable font

There can be different problems, but if you are sure that you have TrueType fonts installed, but gnuplot still complains you can solve it in many ways.

Easiest way is to create correct symbolic link to make gnuplot happy.

In my system which is gentoo the arial.ttf is installed by "media-fonts/corefonts" into directory: /usr/share/fonts/corefonts I had to create symbolic which points to this directory.

# cd /usr/share/fonts/

# ln -s corefonts/ TrueType


* Note: If you want to know what kind of directories gnuplot is scanning, run gnuplot through strace:

# strace gnuplot input.file

And you will see many lines beggining with "access" and ending with "No such file or directory".

Yes, one option is to play with GDFONTPATH variable, but later this problem will meet you again and why not to fix it once and for all.  Many programs try to find *.ttf fonts under /usr/share/fonts/TrueType/